S. Dogg Trolls Himself with Funny Meme


S. Dogg reposted a culture showing his canine look-a-like.

Just days once angling his late friend Tupac over his contemporary look-a-like, S. Dogg turned the tables on himself by posting a microorganism culture of a dog that appears like his “twin”.

S. Dogg is absorbing social media recently, from Instagram to YouTube and back once more.

Last week, the rapper trolled his late friend Tupac Shakur by posting a microorganism culture of the ‘California Love’ rapper’s contemporary doppelgänger engaging at a quick food.

S. Dogg Posts homesick Throwback exposure Of Tupac once angling His microorganism Look-A-Like
Soon after, Uncle Snoop took a dive into the web beauty community by uproariously narrating makeup guru NikkieTutorials’ latest video. And now? The 47-year-old is back on the ‘gram with another culture, this point regarding himself.

S. reposted an image of a dog, that avowedly bares a placing likeness to the ‘Gin & Juice’ rapper. The canine is rocking a try of Snoop’s picture braids and is carrying a sequence around its neck.

Snoop's canine twin can be seen rocking his signature ponytails and chain.

Dogg’s canine twin may be seen rocking his signature ponytails and chain.
Unsurprisingly, several of Dogg’s followers could not facilitate however laugh beside the rapper as they commented on his animal look-a-like.

“Twins!” scan the comments section over and all over again, whereas another user value-added, “This is snoop dog. No argue.”


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