Not to be smart to be rich


One of the main myths is to consider that all those who have managed to accumulate significant wealth, is because they have high IQs. But it’s not always true.

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The 3 books that recommend reading millionaires
Teens who created an empire worth millions payment

Although many consider that “money is not everything in life” certainly have him in amounts, it makes things much in the day. We have already spoken of the theory of how money can indeed buy happiness, but also of the factors that prevent a person can become a millionaire. Read more »

Three curious ways to think pay debts

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Either because their expenses exceed their income, not knowing how to handle a good budget or simply out of necessity, you have to learn to survive and overcome debt.

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What stocks to buy in 2016?


If you are from those who know that they have to invest when “everything is bad” (in the style of Warren Buffett), this information will interest you.
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One of the investment alternatives that lately calling more attention and that people are interested is purchasing shares, which can be done through companies stockbrokers and other authorized entities, in order to “own a bit of a business “. Read more »

Why Hollywood heavyweights can’t get enough of the Gold Coast glitter strip


IT APPEARS Tinseltown can’t get enough of our Gold Coast.
The beachside city has recently been announced as a filming location for three Hollywood blockbusters, which add to an ever-expanding list of big-name movies made there. Read more »

Australian market set to open lower


THE Australian market looks set to open lower after US shares mainly fell with a drop in oil prices weighing on energy stocks and limiting gains.
At 0645 AEDT on Thursday, the December share price index futures contract was down 12 points at 5,116.
Locally, in economic news on Thursday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases October’s labour force figures.
In equities news, Graincorp is expected to post full year results.
Ramsay Health, Seven West Media, Brambles, Novogen, Inabox Group, REA Group, Treasury Wine Estates, Aurizon, Mirvac, Sims Metal Management and Wesfarmers all have annual general meetings scheduled.
In Australia, the market on Wednesday closed higher but gains were crimped as investors held back ahead of a flurry of Chinese economic data.
The benchmark S&P/ASX200 index was up 23.4 points, or 0.46 per cent, at 5,122.6 points.
The broader All Ordinaries index was up 23.4 points, or 0.45 per cent, at 5,181 points.

‘Top-up’ scheme allows pensioners to boost retirement income


The new scheme, launching in the UK on Monday, has been criticised for the amount of time it will take pensioners to benefit
“It won’t be right for everybody and it’s important to seek guidance or advice to check if it’s the right option for you.” said pensions minister Baroness Altmann.
“It won’t be right for everybody and it’s important to seek guidance or advice to check if it’s the right option for you.” said pensions minister Baroness Altmann. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA
Heather Stewart
Sunday 11 October 2015 18.00 BST Last modified on Sunday 11 October 2015 23.13 BST Read more »

A. B. Culvahouse: Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Reagan’ revives debunked myth


our lunch with the president the following day, we would reconvene. We then proceeded to discuss the priorities outlined by Howard.

Yes, as first reported in 1988 in the book Landslide and now recounted by O’Reilly and Dugard, at our lunch with the president the four of us sat across from the president, but the 25th Amendment was not even remotely in mind, and the subject never was raised again. What I did think about was my discussion earlier that day with the president about getting our arms around the Iran-Contra facts and documents. ‎And, Howard already was working with the president on rebuilding public trust by acknowledging the folly of the arms sales to Iran. The Ronald Reagan presiding at the luncheon was, well, Ronald Reagan. In the words of Jim Cannon: attentive, alert, and charming. Read more »

How to overcome 4 credit card fears


time. Keep a close eye on your account online, and be sure to use its mobile app, if available. With most accounts, you can even set alerts to remind you when your spending has reached a preset threshold, something you just can’t do with cash.

2. Fear of missing your payment due date
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Consumers improve finances as interest rate hike looms


Many newly hired individuals aren’t making much more money than they were years ago — personal incomes remain sluggish — but at least they’re drawing paychecks. After shedding 8.8 million jobs in the wake of the recession, the economy has added 13.2 million since then. Read more »

5 tax breaks for the self-employed


If you’re self-employed, your tax burden can be rather steep. Not only do you have to pay income tax on your business profits, but you also have to pay the self-employment tax to cover both sides (employer and employee) of the Social Security and Medicare taxes. Fortunately, there are many tax breaks specifically designed for the self-employed, and here are five of the best ones, as described by our contributors. Read more »

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